Upcoming Courses

Details 2019 GST/HST Update and Refresher - A review of CRA Technical Interpretations
Details 2019 Income Tax Update
Details 2019 Personal Income Tax Case Study
Details 2019 Professional Engagement Refresher
Details 2019 Review Engagement Refresher
Details Accounting Standards for Private Enterprise Part 1 - filmed in 2017
Details Accounting Standards for Private Enterprise Part 2 - filmed in 2017
Details Accounting Update
Details Advanced Accounting Topics for Common Situations- filmed in 2018
Details All About ABILS... and Other Losses - filmed in 2016
Details Analytical Procedures - Theory and Practice
Details ASPE - Financial Instruments Update
Details ASPE Accounting Refresher - filmed in 2017
Details Associated Corporations - filmed in 2017
Details Assurance Update
Details Audit - Determining extent of testing - filmed in 2016
Details Audit to Appeal: Navigating the Tax Litigation Process
Details Channeling Income Outside of Canada - filmed in 2016
Details Charities and Not-For-Profit - Year-End Wrap Up and More
Details Code of Professional Conduct Update - Part 1
Details Code of Professional Conduct Update - Part 2
Details Common Corporate Reorganizations - filmed in 2016
Details Compilation Engagements - Past and Future - filmed in 2018
Details Conducting an Audit using the Professional Engagement Guide (PEG) - filmed in 2017
Details CRA Bag of Tricks; an update on Audit Initiatives, Voluntary Disclosures and recent case law- filmed in 2017
Details Cross border withholding taxes and other special US tax topics- filmed in 2017
Details CSRE 2400 First Year Adoption - filmed in 2018
Details Deceased Tax Planning
Details Determining Income Under the Child Support Guidelines- filmed in 2015
Details Estate Planning
Details Ethics- CPA Code of Professional Conduct
Details Family Law and the Income Tax Act - filmed in 2017
Details Forms Overload: Using PEG assurance forms efficiently
Details Fraud Responsibilities in Audit Engagements - filmed in 2016
Details GST/HST and the New Residential Housing Rebates - Filmed in 2018
Details GST/HST Implications Related to Transaction with Non-Resident Companies. Filmed in 2017
Details GST/HST Implications to an Ontario entity doing business in Quebec - Filmed in 2016
Details IFRS - Overview of Standards - filmed in 2018
Details IFRS Update - Focus on new lease standard
Details IFRS Update and Refresher - filmed in 2017
Details International Inbound Taxation – Yes, it applies to SME’s!
Details Investing in U.S Real Estate - Potential Tax Issues Canada and U.S - filmed in 2016
Details Managing Difficult Conversations
Details Navigating #METOO in the Workplace
Details Not-For-Profit Accounting Refresher - filmed in 2018
Details Post Mortem Tax Planning - filmed in 2018
Details Principal Residence Exemption - filmed in 2017
Details Review of Income Tax Administrative Issues - filmed in 2018
Details Safe Income - filmed in 2017
Details Section 85 Rollovers - filmed in 2016
Details Separating and Self-employed: How Being Your Own Boss Can Impact Divorce
Details Shareholder Agreements - Legal and Tax Issues
Details Small Business Deduction - Filmed in 2017
Details Structuring Real Estate Investments - filmed in 2017
Details Successfully Performing Small Audits
Details Tax Implications of Inter-company Transactions in a Closely Held Group
Details Taxation of Trusts - filmed in 2018
Details Technical Tax Update for the Small and Medium sized Practitioner
Details The Dangers in Dividends - filmed in 2016
Details The Passive Income "Unreform" - Recent Developments
Details The Tax Implications of Emigration and Immigration - filmed in 2018
Details Top 10 Mistakes Canadian Accountants make regarding U.S Tax - Filmed in 2016
Details TOSI Troubles - Part 1
Details TOSI Troubles - Part 2
Details TOSI Update ... A review of recent changes
Details U.S Sales Tax Responsibilities
Details What's New at CRA? filmed in 2018