Course: 2018 GST/HST Update and Refresher

This course, written and presented by Rino Bellavia, CPA is designed to build on your existing knowledge of GST/HST through practical illustrations and case studies. This course is directed to those practitioners that advise owner/ managers and mid-sized businesses.

Specific topics to be covered will include:

• Tips and Traps with the Quick Method of Accounting
• Federal and Provincials Pronouncements including changes proposed in the budgets
• Current Topics facing the practitioner
• Implications of real property transactions
• Court case review
• Review of recent CRA technical interpretations

Prior to the course, participants will receive case studies to review and complete. The case studies will be based upon real life situations with fact scenarios, recent court decisions, CRA audits and issues encountered by those in public practice. Solutions to each of the case studies will be provided and reviewed during the course.