Course: Is This The Death of Canadian Private Company Tax Planning?

The July 18, 2017 announcement regarding the proposed tax changes went well beyond what any of us anticipated. While there will certainly be further changes and clarifications to the proposed rules in the upcoming months, practitioners want to know what we can expect and what actions we should or should not take in anticipation of the final legislation. 

Dividend and capital gains exemption sprinkling curtailment proposals 
       Broadening the kiddie tax to adults 
      Introducing a reasonableness test
Limitation of conversion of normal income into capital gains
       Making section 84.1 worse
       Is the pipeline finally dead?
Using private companies to defer personal tax On investment income
       Is integration dead?
Policy Concerns
       What is considered fair for all Canadians?
We don't have to tell you what the potential impact of this legislation will be on you and your clients. This is one hour you do not want to miss.