Course: Safe Income on Hand - understanding the components of the calculation with practical examples (LU)

The Department of Finance has committed to various changes regarding when a safe income on hand calculation must be completed before inter-corporate dividends are paid. 
These sweeping changes are directly relevant to many corporate clients. 
AJAG will be hosting a session to bring practitioners up to speed on the new changes, the various components of the safe income on hand calculation, and how to calculate this balance for their clients. 
Join subject experts Jay Goodis, Manu Kakkar and Boris Volfovsky to discuss many aspects of this critical calculation. 
The agenda includes:
1) A summary of the proposed changes
2) The impact to corporate shareholders
3) Common components in calculating safe income
4) Calculation walk-through of popular situations
5) SR&ED and safe income
6) Other factors to consider
A question and answer period will follow the course, so have your questions ready. 
Don't miss this great opportunity to learn how to correctly calculate this important balance for your clients. 
Within 24 hours of registration, the Go To Webinar access information will be emailed to each participant.