Course: Analytical Procedures Theory and Practice

This course is from the 2015/2016 series


This half-day course is designed to emphasize to practitioners the importance of the use of analytical procedures in the performance of audit and review engagements, a frequent concern of practice inspectors.

The course begins by outlining the professional engagement requirements regarding analytical procedures. Then the course follows with two case studies intended to highlight practical techniques available for use by practitioners, not only to meet those professional requirements, but also to generate valuable information for use by both the accountant and client.

The topics to be discussed during this presentation include:

  • Practice inpsection concerns regarding analytical procedures
  • Analysis requirements under the Canadian Auditing Standards (CAS)
  • Analysis requirements for review engagements
  • Practical examples of analytical techniques
  • Case studies relating to: Analysis during the audit planning phase and analysis at the completion stage of a review engagement

The goal of this presentation is to provide participants with a framework in which to organize their analytical procedures to meet professional requirements and generate useful information.

The case study portion of this course will allow participants to interact and share their ideas with other professionals. To fully benefit from this segment of the course, participants should bring a calculator to the session.